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     Audio Visual Aids
501.01 Micro Projector Can be used to project on to day light viewing head, conventional screen or down on to bench as an aid to drawing.

Conventional microscope stand inclinable through 90 degrees focused through rack and pinion, coarse and fine focus controls, stage 115 x 115 mm.

Triple nose piece with 5x, 10x & 20x objectives sub stage condenser with flip over top lens element for high power work. Screen Diameter 230mm.

A 12 volt 100 watts quartz iodine lamp with special heat filter and color filter to enable instrument to be used as a microscope with transformer in the base, Working on 220/240 volts AC mains.
502.02 35mm Slide Projectors Standard design, manual slide projector having 24 Volts 150 watts or standard 300 watts projection lamp with high power condenser system to get the maximum brightness on the screen. Special heat filter to save slides from damage. An F:1-2.8 /85mm or 3.5/100mm astigmatic projection lens for bright and sharp image on the screen. Blower cooled. with one slide carrier. Complete as above in case.

503.03 Overhead Projectors
A very compact portable type OHP with 24 Volts 250 watts OR 650 watts quartz halogen lamp, 285 x 285 mm double frenzied lens for maximum output of light and wide angle 90mm is objective for bright and sharp image. front coated reflecting mirror adjustable to shift the projection vertically upward. Focusing by heavy duty rack and pinion. Built-in cupboard to accommodate the projection head and arm. A heavy duty blower is provided to keep the projector cool for continuos use. Complete as above in cardboard box.
504.04 Epidiascopes An ideal instrument for projection of all sorts of transparencies and maps or book diagrams and text. A 175 x 175 opaque aperture extendable by sliding the instrument upto 350mm, full scape A4 size paper can be projected in one time. Having two different attachments for projection of 85x85 mm slides and 35mm slides. Fitted with a 1000 watts quartz halogen tube for maximum brightness backed with an vacuum coated reflector and an high power blower for keeping the instrument cool. Complete as above in case.
505.05 Epi Scopes A small version of above, only for projection of opaque like book diagrams and other material, Ideal for designers and art workers, a 150x150 mm opaque aperture, top loading system, 500/1000 watts lamp and blower cooled.

506.06 ESSCO Miniature X-Ray Contrasters
For viewing 70 mm & 100 mm miniature X Ray films in cut or in roll form, on a magnified 14" x 17" format for more accurate & faster diagnosis. The fully magnified X Ray images are viewed on a TV like built in projection screen.
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