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Our range of chemistry lab equipment are ideal for various experiments, monitoring and analysis applications. Made using latest technology, these equipment ensures complete reliability in its operations. We can also custom designed laboratory equipment to meet the specific application requirements of our customers.

Abba Refractrometer
Analytical Balance
Automatic Pipette Washer

Boiling Point App
Bunsen Burner
BOD Incubator
Bottle Washing Machine
Burette Pipette

Calculator Simple Scientific
Centrifugal Machine Electorde
Chemical Balance
Chromotographs App./Cabinet
Condensor Leibigs
Conductivity Meter
Crucible Silica/Sintered/Nickel
Calormeters Photo Electric
Chinomatic Air Demping
Condensor Air
Conductivity Bridge Analog/Digital
Cork Boring Machine Electric

Digital Instruments
Dissolved Oxygen Meter
Distillation Apparatus Nitrogen
Distillation Unit Electric
Digital Balance Microprocessor
Digital Ph Meter
Distillation App. Borosil Glass
Distillation Unit
Droppers Borosil/Pyrex

Electric Burner
Environment Chamber
Electronic Balance Digital
Extraction App. (Soxhelt) Glass

Filter Paper
Filter Sheet
Fortin’s Barometer
Fusion Tube
Filter Whatman
Flame Photometer
Funnel Stand

Gas Plant Automatic
Glass Ware Dryer
Glazed Glass
Glazed Gloves
Gas Plant Mini 2/4/8 Burners
Glazed Tiles
Glazed Pencil

Hand Centrifugal Machine
Heating Mental
Hot Heaters
Hot Heaters
Hot Plate Square
Hand Refractrometer
Hot Air Blower
Hot Air Oven
Hot Plate Round

Infra Red Moisture Balance
Incubator Shaker

Karl Fisher Titrimeter
Kipp’s Apparatus
Kjeldhal Apparatus Electric
Kipp’s Apparatus
Kipp’s Apparatus Polythene

Laboratory Mixer
Liver Balance
Laminar Air Flow

Magnetic Stirrer with Hot Plate
Melting Point App.
Muffle Furnace
Melting Point
Moisture Meter

Nephelometer Digital
Nitrogen Distillation App.

Paraffin Bath
PH Meter Kit
Physical Balance
Potentiometer Titrimeter
PH Meter Soil
Photo Electric Calorimeter
Pipette washer
Potentiometer Digital
Potentiometric Tirimeter
Pyrogen Testing Thermometer

Rubber Tube

Seed Germinator
Shaking Machine Rotary VDRL
Single Pan Balance
Slide Warming Table
Soxhlet Extraction App. Electric
Spectro Photo Meter Digital
Stop Clock/Watch
Shaking Machine Khan
Shaking Machine Wrist Action
Single Pan Digital Balance
Sodium Vapour Lamp.
Soxhlet Extraction Apparatus Glass

Thermous Flask
Thermometers Precision

Top Pan Balance
Turbodity Meter Digital
Tripple Beam

UV Lamp/Tube
U-V Tube

Vaccum Oven
Vacuum Rotary Evaporator
Voltage Stabilizer
Vacuum Pump
Vortex Shaker

Wash Bottle
Water & Soil Analysis Kit
Water Bath Precision
Water Bath Serological
Water Distillation Apparatus
Weight Box Analytical
Weight Box Fractional
Wire Gauge
Watch Glass
Water Bath Paraffin
Water Bath Serological
Water Bath Single/Double
Water Still Electric Barnstead
Weight Box Analytical/Fractional
Willy Mill
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