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     Laboratory Accessories
AARSON SCIENTIFIC WORKS, AMBALA CANTT ( HARYANA) provides complete laboratory setups. If you are setting up a laboratory and would like to have a single source for supply, installation and service backup – then we would be more than pleased to be of service to you. We work with local manufacturers and our foreign principals, to provide you with the most economical laboratory setups. We regularly export Indian made equipments, instruments and glassware to customers in the Middle East, Europe and the SAARC countries.

Laboratory Heating Equipments
Our range of laboratory heating equipment is used to supply controlled amount of heat needed to effect a reaction or process of separation. These equipment are designed ensure reliable and safe operation in different environments. Our range of laboratory heat equipment is available in different models and designs at the most competitive prices.


High Pressure Autoclave
Autoclave (Front opening) Rectangular
Autoclave (Regular Model) Vertical
Autoclave Table Top (Portable)
Autoclave cGMP Series

Block Heater / Digestor
COD Digestor
Block heater
Block Digestion system

Heating Mantles / Soxhlet / Kjeldahl Unit
Heating Mantle
Micro Kjeldahl (Mantle Type)
Soxhlet Extraction Unit (Mantle Type)
Flexible Mantle (Suspended Type)
Kjeldahl Assembly (Distillation)
Kjeldahl Digestion and Distillation Unit (Combined)
Extraction Heater Soxhlet (Hot Plate Type)
Rota Mantle

Hot Plates
Hot Plates (Round)
Hot Plate (Rectangular)

Incubators / B.O.D. Incubator / Freezers
Incubator Bacteriological
Incubator (Memmert Type)
Incubator cGMP Series
Incubator Memmert Type cGMP Series
·Freezers (Chest Type)
Freezers (Up right Model)
B.O.D. Incubator
Automatic CO2 Incubator (Water Jacketed)
Automatic CO2 Incubator (Air Jacketed)
Freezer Dryer (Lyophiliser)
Orbital Shaking Incubator
Blood Bank Incubator
Plasma Freezers
Precision CO2 Incubator cGMP Series

Muffle Furnace / Tube Furnace
Muffle Furnace 1400°C
Large Size Refractory Furnace
Split Type Tube Furnace
Muffle Furnace 1000°C
Tube Furnace 1000°C
Muffle Furnace 1200°C
Tube Furnace 1200°C

Ovens / Vacuum Ovens / Dryer / Humidity Oven / Stability Chambers
Hot Air Oven (Lab) Regular Model
Hot Air Oven (Memmert Type) LOD Oven
Glassware Dryer
Vacuum Oven (Round) cGMP Series
Vacuum Oven (Round) Regular Model
Vacuum Oven (Rectangular) Regular Model
Vacuum Oven (Regular Model) cGMP Serie
Stability Oven (Humidity Oven)
Stability Chamber (GMP Model)
Drying Oven
Low Temperature Cabinet
Hybridization Oven
Seed Germination Chamber
Vacuum Dryers (Large chamber)
Cooling Oven
Plant Growth Chamber
Ageing Oven
Forced Air Hi-Dry Oven
Chromatography Low Temperature Cabinet
HPLC Column Oven
Stability Chamber
Photo stability Chamber
Walk in Humidity Chamber cGMP Series
Dry Heat Sterilizer CLASS 100

Multi Magnetic Stirrer Bath
Multi Magnetic Stirrer
Multi Magnetic Stirrer with Hot Plate
DIGITAL Motor less Multi Magnetic Stirrer
Rota Mantle
Magnetic Stirrer
Magnetic Stirrer with Hot Plate
Magnetic Stirrer Bath
Stirrer (Regular)
Overhead Mechanical stirrers
Overhead Electronic stirrers

Shakers / Rotator
Orbital Shaker
Shaker Water Bath
V.D.R.L. Rotator
DIGITAL Flocculator (Jar Test Apparatus)
Rotary Shaking Machine
Bench top Reciprocating Shaker
Hybridization Shaker
Rocker Platform Shaker
Tissue Culture Rotator
Orbital Shaking Incubator
Vortex Shaker
Wrist Action Shaker

Water - Stills
Water-Still (Mannesty Type)
Water-Still (Barnstead Pattern)

Water Baths
Water Bath Thermostatic
Water Bath Serological
Water Bath Electric
Water Bath (Round)
Temperature Bath for Viscometer / Evaporator
Shaker Water Bath
Tissue floating Bath
Multi Magnetic Stirrer Bath
Water Bath (For Dye-Pots)
Universal Water Bath
Water-Bath (Multi use) cGMP Series
Magnetic Stirrer Bath
Automatic Pipette Washer
Calibration Bath
Viscosity Bath

Oil Bath / Low Temp. Bath / Circulator
Temperature Bath for Viscometer

Oil Bath (Single Walled)
Oil Bath (Multiple-use) cGMP Series
Calibration Bath
Magnetic Stirrer bath
Low Temperature Bath
Constant Temperature Oil Bath
Oil Bath (Mini Round)
Oil Bath (Pilot Plant)
Viscosity Low Temp. Bath
Cloud and Pour Point Bath
Oil Bath (Precision) Circulator
Channel Point Apparatus
Circulator-Low Temperature Bath


Laminar Air Flow / Clean Air Systems
Fume Hood / Safety Equipment
Bio Safety Cabinet
Display Board System
Slide Storage Equipments

General Pharmaceutical Lab Equipments

Melting Point Apparatus (Regular Model)
DIGITAL Flocculator (Jar Type)
Slide Warning Drying and Embedding Table
Automatic Pipette Washer
ULTRA Violet Viewing Cabinet
DIGITAL Colony Counter
Basket Centrifuge
DIGITAL Melting Point Apparatus (Low Temperature)
DIGITAL Melting Point Apparatus (High Temperature)
Antibiotic Zone Reader
Friability Test Apparatus
Tablet Disintegration Test Apparatus
Tablet Dissolution Test Apparatus
Tablet Hardness Tester
Bulk Density Apparatus
Ultrasonic Bath

Petroleum Testing Equipments

Viscosity Bath
Cloud and Pour Point Bath
Channel Point Apparatus
Distillation Apparatus for Petroleum Products

Water Testing Products From Hach, USA

Dual input pH/ Conductivity / temperature meters
Hq40d meter with ph probe
Hq40d meter with conductivity probe
Hq40d meter with ldo probe
Hq40d meter with two ph probes
Hq40d with ph & conductivity probes
Hq40d with ph & ldo probes
Hq40d with conductivity & ldo probes
Hq40d with two conductivity probes
Hq40d with two ldo probes
Ph/Ise Sension meters
Dissolved oxygen Sension meters
Conductivity Sension meters
Iq120 pocket ph meters
Pocket pal meters
Autocat 9000 titrator
Amperometric titrator
Dr 5000 uv-vis spectrophotometer
Dr 2800 portable spectrophotometer
Dr 800 series colorimeter
Pocket colorimeter
Digital titrator
2100 series lab turbidity meters
2100 series portable turbidity meters

Portable Field Laboratories
Portable environmental labs
Complete water quality labs
Industrial water quality labs
Portable laboratories
Wastewater treatment lab kits

Multi-Parameter Kits
Acid mine drainage kits
Soil fertility kits
Soil saturation extract kits
Soil and irrigation water kits
SIW salinity appraisal kits
Aquaculture test kits
Boiler feed & scale test kits
Boiler treatment control kits
Complete boiler & cooling water kits
Water pollution kit
·Surface water test kits
Storm water test kits
Corrosion management kits

Environmental Analyzers From Dkk Toa

Ambient Air Monitoring Analyzers for
Sulfur Di-Oxide (SO2)
Oxides Of Nitrogen (NO2)
Ozone (O2)
Carbon Monoxide (CO)
Suspended Particulate Matter (SPM)
Non-Methane Hydrocarbons (HC)
Air Monitoring Mobile Stations
Complete Stations with Data Acquisition Systems

Oil Refinery Analyzers From Dkk Toa
Boiling Point Analyzer
Vapor Pressure Analyzer
Oil-On-Water Alarm
Cloud point Analyzer
Viscosity Analyzer
Custom designed Analyzer System Houses
Distillation Analyzer
Flash Point Analyzer
Pour Point Analyzer
Process Sulfur Analyzer
Process Colorimeter

Laboratory/Portable Instruments
pH/Ion Meter
Dissolved Oxygen
Ion Chromatograph
Multi parameter Water Quality Checker
Multi Channel Ion Meter, etc.
Ion Analyzer
Glucose Analyzer
ATP Tester
Vitamin C Meter
Automatic Titrator

Steam and Water Analysis
Environmental & Pollution monitoring
High Volume Samplers
Respirable dust samplers
Stack Monitoring System
Particle Counter
Fuel Efficiency Monitor
Multi parameter flue gas monitoring system
ORSAT gas analyzer

Coal sampling & preparation equipments for coal based power plant laboratories
Laboratory mini mills
Laboratory plate mills
Mini Coal Pulverizers
Riffle dividers/ samplers
Hardgrove grinadability index tester
Jaw crusher
Double roll crusher
Coal pelleting equipment
Oxygen filling station
Bomb Calorimeter

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