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Reticle : Dual scale reticle graduated in inches and millimeters. The eyepiece reticule can be rotated through 360-degrees.
Focusing : Rack & Pinion Focusing.
Illumination : Battery operated Pen Light Illuminator.
Model                         RS-40                         RS-60                         RS-100 
Magnification            40X                             60X                             100X 
Field of View              4.25mm                     3.25mm                     1.7mm 
Least Count               0.02 mm 0.001"       0.02 mm  0.001"      0.02 mm 0.001"
Working Distance     24mm                        24mm                        6.4mm 

RSB-250A                  Dissecting Micorscope ( MODEL : RS-1)

Base                                Heavy round base with precisely designed body. 
Focussing                      Sensitive focusing, done by rack and pinion arrangement.                                       
                              Revolving arm provided for moving magnifying lens over full                                        
                               stage area. 
Stage                              85mm x 75mm with glass plate. 
Illumination                 A Plano-concave lens fitted in fork for light reflection. 
Optics                             10x & 20x Eyepieces 

RSB-250B          Senior Dissecting Microscope  (Model : RS-2)

Stage                  : 100x100mm with glass plate
Optics   :   10x , 20x eyepiece and special bull eye lens 83mm diameter

RSB-251            Student Mini Microscope ( SINGLE NOSE)  :
  (Model  RS-3) A light weight microscope for use in the field. Optics are of high quality giving adequate resolution for work up to first examination level. Magnification 100X but can have more magnification by changing the objective and eye piece.
Stand : Very light weight stand with single focus control and stage clips and small reflector.
Optics : Eye piece 10X or 15X, Objective 4X or 10X or 20X

RSB-252  Student  Microscope :
An intermediate level microscope. Its performance for most advanced work in schools.
Magnifications : 20X, 40X, 50X, 100X, 200X, 400X or 450X.
Stand : Robust stand inclinable through 90°. Coarse and fine focus with variable stop. Plano-concave mirror and gimble. 300 mm high. Can be fitted with a mechanical stage. With wooden box having lock and key.
Stage      Fixed square stage size 100 x 100mm with stage clips
Optics :

Eye pieces : 5X HY, 10X WF or (15X optional)
Objectives Achromatic : 4X, 10X, 40X, 45X (Standard) 40X is spring loaded.

(MODEL :  RS-4)    A five aperture disc diaphragm is fitted to control illumination
(MODEL :  RS-5)   Fixed double lens condenser with Iris Diaphragm
(MODEL :  RS-6)   Moveable double lens condenser with Iris Diaphragm
(MODEL : RS-7) 
 All specifications same as RS-6, but with inclined eyepiece tube for                                                      comfortable & convenient observation. 

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