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     Oil & Petroleium Product
We offer a encompassing range of equipment, which is used widely in industries like oil & gases, petroleum, petrochemical etc. Designed as per the international standards for quality and safety, our range of equipment ensures fast and reliable operation.

Abels Flash Point Apparatus
Anilline Point Apparatus

Bomb Calorimeter Apparatus
Burning Test Lamp Apparatus

Copper Strip Conradson Test Apparatus
Carbon Residue Conradson Apparatus
Cleveland Flash & Fire Apparatus
Cloud & Pour Point Apparatus

Drop Point Apparatus
Distillation Appartsus
Dean and Stark Apparatus

Engler Viscometer

Flow Cup Viscometer

Kinematic Point Apparatus

Melting Point Apparatus

Pensky Martens Flash & Fire Apparatus
Pensky Martens Open Cup Test Apparatus
Pensky Maryens (Semi Automatic)
Pensky Martens with Electric Apparatus
Penetrometer Apparatus

Red wood Viscometer No. 1
Red Wood Viscometer (Multi App)
Reid Vapour Pressure Test Apparatus
Reid Vapour Pressure Test Apparatus
Red wood Viscometer No. 2

Softening Point Apparatus (Ring & Ball)
Say Bolt Viscometer

Tar Viscometer (Tar & Bitumen)

Viscometer Bath (Kinematic)

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