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We offe wide range of pharmaceutical equipment, which includes actophotometer, bulk density apparatus, capsule filling machine, tube filling machine, etc. All our the products conform to international quality standards. Some of these pharmaceutical equipment are also used abundantly for cosmetics, herbal medicines etc.

Activity Cage Actophotometer
Ampule Filing and Sealing Device
Activity Cage Actophotometer
Ampule Filing and Sealing Device
Ampule Washing Device
Analgererid Meter
Aseptic Cabinet

Ball Mill
Bulk Density Apparatus
Bottle Washing Device

Capsule Filling & Sealing Machine
Clarity Test Equipment for Ampules
Conical Percolator
Capsule Filling Machine
Collapsible Tube Filling Machine
Cook’s Pole Climbing Response Apparatus

Digital Dissolution Test Apparatus
Dispensing Balance
Double Cone Blender
Die & Punches
Disintegration Test Apparatus
Dissolution Test Apparatus
Double Raymond Induction Coil

Eddy’s Hot Plate
Electro Covelsometer

Filtration Apparatus
Frointe Leaver

Granulating Sieves

Hand Grinding Mill
Hot Extraction
Histamine Chamber

Kymograph Recording Drum

Leak Test Apparatus
Muscler & Heart Chamber Combined

Oniment Spatula
Oscillating Granulator
Organ Bath
Overhead Projector

Polishing Pan
Powder & Mass Mixer
Portable Mechanical Shifter
Powder Folder

Rabbit Cage
Rabbit Holder

Semi Automatic Capsules Counting & Filling Machine
Sintered Glass Crucible
Smoking Stand
Spiro Meter
Student Physiological Kit
Simple Leaver
Smoking Burner
Soxhlet Equipment
Stainless Steel Scoop
Suppository Moulds

Tablet Coating Pan
Tablet Hardness Tester (Monsanto Type)
Tablet Making Machine Electrical operated
Tablet, Friability Test Apparatus
Tube Crimping and Sealing Machine
Tablet Counting Device
Tablet Hardness Tester (Pfizer Type)
Tablet Making Machine Hand operated
Tincture Press

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