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     Plasticware Laboratory Accessories
We offer a wide range of laboratory plastic-wares, which offered in several specifications like thickness, sizes etc. Besides this, we also provide lab plastic wares in customized specifications for the specific needs of the clients

Analytical Funnel
Animal Cage (Twin Grill)
Atomic Model Set
Animal Cage
Aspirator Bottles
Atomic Model Set (Euro Design)

Buckner Funnel
Beakers (Euro Design)

C I Carboy
Carrier Tray
Centrifuge Tube Conical Bottom
Conical Flask
Connectors (Cross)
Connectors (T & Y)
Coplin Jar
Cryo Box (PP)
Cryo RackCryo Vial
Crystal Model Set
Carboy with Stop Cock
Cell Scraper
Centrifuge Tube Round Bottom
Conical Measures
Connectors (L Shaped)
Connectors (T & Y-New)
Cryo Box (PC)
Cryo Coders
Cryo Vial-Internal Thread

Desiccators (Plain)
Draining Basket
Dropping Bottles
Desiccators (Vacuum)
Draining Rack

Fisher Clamp
Float Rack
Funnels Long Stem
Flask Stand
Funnel Holder

Heavy Duty Vacuum Bottle

Ice Bucket
Immunology Plates

Kipp's Apparatus

L Shaped Spreader
Lechlanche Cell Pot
Laboratory Tray

Magenta Box
MCT Twin Rack
Measuring Cylinders-Hexagonal
Measuring Jugs
Micro Pestle
Micro Tip Box (New)
Measuring Cylinders
Measuring Cylinders-Pentagonal
Measuring Jugs (Euro Design)
Micro Tip Box

Narrow Mouth Bottle
Nestler Cylinder Stand

Oak Ridge Centrifuge Tubes

PCR Tube Rack
Petri Dish (Culture)
Pipette Box
Pipette Stand (94 Pipettes Rotary)
Pipette Stand (Vertical)
Pneumatic Trough
Petri Dish
Petri Dish (Disposable)
Pipette Pump
Pipette Stand (Horizontal)
Plantation Pots
Policemen Stirring Rods

Rack for Micro Centrifuge (Folding)
Rack for Petri Dishes
CentrifReagent Bottles (Narrow Mouth)uge
Reagent Reservoir
Ria Vial
Rack for Micro Centrifuge Tubes
Rack for Scintillation Vial
Reagent Bottles (Wide Mouth)
Retort Stand
Ria Vial with Screw Cap

Scintillation Vial
Separating Funnel
Simple Cell Pot
Slide Mailer
Soft Loop Sterile
Specimen Jar (Gas Jar)
Storage Vial
Storage Vial with a-Ring
Sample Container (Press & Fit Type)
Separating Funnel Holder
Slide Box
Slide Storage Rack
Staining Box
Stool Container
Storage Boxes
Storage Vial Internal Thread

Test Tube Baskets
Test Tube Stand (3 Tier)
Test Tube Stand (Wire Pattern)
Test Tube Cap
Test Tube Stand
Test Tube Stand (Round)
Test Tube with Screw Cap

Universal Multi Rack
Urine Container
Universal Reagent Reservoir
Utility Tray

Wash Bottles
Wide Mouth Square Bottle
Wash Bottles (New Type)
Laboratory Accessories  
Our innovative range of laboratory accessories are designed for efficient and safe operation. These products are fabricated from the highest quality materials assuring accurate performance & durability. We can offer laboratory accessories in variety of specifications to meet the requirements of our clients. Our range of laboratory accessories include acid accumulator, acid-bowls porcelain, artery forceps, asbestos sheets and more.  

Acid Accumulator
Artery Forceps
Atomic Model Sets
Acid-Bowls Porcelain
Asbestos Sheets
Atomizer Bulb Rubber

B.P. Bulb
Balance Various
Basin Porcelain
Beaker Polythene
Behieve Shelves
Blow Pipe
Bobs of Different Metals
Botanical Plastic Models
Burette Brush/Clamps/Glass Various
Balance Cover
Battery Jar Plastic
Beaume's Hydrometer
Biology Plastic Models
Blue Glass
Boss head for Clamps
Bottle Brush
Buchner Funnels Porcelain
Burette Bulb Automatic

Calorimeter Copper
Carbon Rod
Centrifuge Machine
China Dish(Basin)
Clinical Thermometer
Copper Calorimeter/Rods
Cork Boring Machine
Crucible porcelain/Tongs
Capillary Tubes
Cavity Blocks Glass/Slides
Center of Gravity
Centrifuge Tube Aluminum/Glass
Clay Pipe Triangles
Concave/Convex Lenses/Mirrors
Cork Borers
Cover Slip Glass
Crystal Model Set

Daniel Cells
Dial Thermometer
Dissecting Box
Dropper Test Rubber
Dropping Bottles Polythene
Desiccators Plate Porcelain
Diamond Pencil
Distillation Test Apparatus
Dry Cell

E.S.R Tubes
Ebonite Rod
E.S.R. Stand

Falling Plate Apparatus
Filter Paper
Flow (Ford) Cup
Fractional Weights
Funnel Buchner
Fusion Tubes
File Triangular
Flask Tong
Friction Board
Funnel's Polythene/Holder

Gas Generating Apparatus (Kips)
Gas Taps
Glass Blown Apparatus
Glass Rods
Gas Jar Covers
Glass Beads
Glass Marking Pencil

Heating Element
Hoffman Screw Clips
Horn Spatulas

Ignition Tubes

Jaw Type Clamps
Jockey Pencil Type


Laboratory Coat
Lead Accumulators
Lens Cleaning Tissues
Lid & Pan for Test Sieves
Litmus Paper
Leclanche Cell/Jar/Porous
Lens Stand
Liquid Lens Pointer
Loose Weights

Magnesium Ribbon
Metal Cylinder
Motors & Pestles Porcelain
Magnetic Compass
Mercury Tong/Through

Nichrome Wire

Over Head Projector
Oxygen Generator Tube

Pad For Tuning Fork
Platinum Loop Holder
Plumb Line
Pascal's Law Apparatus
Platinum Wire (Loop)
Prism Glass

Rain Gauge/Measures
Resistance Coils
Retort Stand
Rubber Tunings
Reagent Bottles
Retort Rings
Ripple Tank

Sand Bath
Slide Projectors
Soldering Iron
Specimen Jars
Staining Rack
Slide Box
Sodium Vapors Lamp
Specimen Tube Polythene
Spirit Lamp
Stop Clock/Stop Watch

Tangent Compass
Test Tube Basket
Test Tube Holder
Three Finger Clamp
Triangular Beam Analytical
Triode Valve
Tube Connections
Telescope Model
Test Tube Brush
Tetra Kettle Elements
Tray Polythene
Triangular Files
Tripod Stand
Tuning Fork Pad

'U' Tube Apparatus
Urine Meter
Universal Water Bath

Vacoupet Bulb Rubber
Visual Equipments

W.B.C. Pipette
Wash Bottle
Water Still
Wave Motion Machine
Weight Box
Wolf Bottle Polythene
Wall Thermometer
Watch Glass
Water Taps
Weighing Bottle
Widal Rack Aluminum

'Y' Tube Connection Polythene

Z Pulley
Zinc Metal
Zinc Rods
Zinc Dust
Zinc Plates
Zoological Models

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