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Minimum Order Quantity: 1 Piece



1) Equip with counter to calculate total pieces and thickness.
2) Dual compressors, which are made in Germany, freeze the Cryostat chamber, freezing shelf, knife holder and specimen clamp separate with pro-environment refrigerant R404.
3) The high-precision microtome is enclosed outside the cryostat chamber to protect it from thermal expansion and contraction and enable minimum service and maintenance.
4) Self-explanatory symbols for all functions and displays, easy to learn and operate.
5) LCD screen to display date such as sample travel, thickness, function controlling, day, time, temperature, timed on/off and so on.
6) Control panel with locking function to avoid wrong operation.
7) Hand wheel locking.
8) It has cleaning device, easy help customer to clean the unit.
9) Specimen orientation XY-8°, Z-360° adjustable at any orientation to ensure precise placement.
10) Self-detection function for the temperature sensor, can help to warm the failure on temperature sensor.
11) UV option enables surface disinfection of harmful bacteria, viruses and spores by using 35 min after each use. It also has low-voltage DC shadow-less lamp.
12) Heat-able and remove-able glass door.


  • Vertical specimen stroke length will be 55-60mm, with a horizontal specimen feed of 25-30mm.
  • Specimen size (Section) 50x80mm.
  • The cryostat is a floor standing model with power requirements of 220V , 50-60Hz.
  • Maintenance free microtome with section thickness setting range from 0 to 60µm will be available
  • 0-10µm in 1µm increments
  • 10-20µm in 2µm increments
  • 20-60µm in 5µm increments
  • Motorized coarse feed preferably at two speeds.
  • Rabid – 0.8mm/sec. Slow-0.2mm/sec.
  • Disposable blade holder system with lateral displacement and integrated glass anti-roll guide will be available.
  • Instrument will have closed drainage system to allow controlled disposal of fluids.
  • Automatic & manual chamber defrost facility will be available with one automatic defrost cycle /24 hours.
  • Duration of the defrost cycle will be 8-12minutes/24 hours duration.
  • Manual disinfection facility will be available.
  • System is with disposable blade system.
  • Facility of UV lamp decontamination will be available.
  • Stainless steel re-useable knife holder as standard accessory.
  • Cryo chamber temperature setting should be 0°C to -35°C. Cooling via two separate compressor system with specimen cooling.
  • Specimen cooling facility available should be in temperature range of -10°C to -50°.
  • Maximum cooling time up to maximum low temperature should be less than 4 hours after start up.
  • Actively cooled quick freezing shelf should be at -45°C.
  • Specimen storage shelf should store up to 8 chucks.
  • Vertical specimen stroke length available should be 50-60mm with a horizontal specimen feed of 25-30mm.
  • Motorized coarse feed preferably at two speeds. Rapid 0-8mm/sec. Slow 0.2mm/sec.
  • Glass anti-roll guide with anti static feature to facilitate perfect stretching of sections should be available.